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About Us
China’s classical music scene is expanding rapidly. Established in 1999, Ruge Artists desires to meet the industry’s growing needs. Bearing the motto “a local international arts agency”, the company combines international levels of capacity and professionalism with local insight and experience; this connects Chinese and global artists with diverse markets, firmly uniting East and West. Ruge Artists is dedicated to providing outstanding client services and becoming the premier platform for bringing the world to China, and China’s artists to the world.

The company represents conductors, instrumentalists, vocalists, orchestras, choirs, and traditional Chinese music artists from around the globe, and also nurtures new talents by providing career guidance and performing opportunities for rising stars. This includes holding concerts in schools and community centres, which helps build audiences and brings music out of the concert hall and into everyday life. The agency has already created long-term and mutually beneficial arrangements with major Chinese orchestras, theatres, concert halls, arts centres and performing agencies. Simply put, Ruge Artists dedicates itself to today, but keeps honing its vision for tomorrow.

For more information, please check our website: www.rugeartists.com

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